Santo Sparkling White Brut

Appellation: Protected Geographical Indication Aegean Sea
Type: White sparkling wine / brut
Varieties: Assyrtiko 100% from Santorini vineyard
25,50 £

2016 vintage
Crystal-clear, with pale yellow-green color. Elegant with high quality mousse. The nose is expressive with white-peach notes, honey and hints of honeycomb. Round and balanced on the palate, with refreshing acidity that provides freshness and pleasant character, leading towards a long finish. 

Technical info
Alcohol by volume (%) 11.3  Total acidity (gr tartaric acid/lt) 7.0
Residual sugars (gr/lt) 9.9  pH 2.86

The vineyard
Location: Pyrgos Village, Santorini
Altitude: Up to 400 meters 
Age of vines: 60-80 years 
Pruning method: “Kouloura” (basket-shaped) 
Planting density: 2,000-2,300 vines/ha 
Yield/ha: 3,000 kg 

Early harvest grapes from Pyrgos village. After cooling them down at 5οC, the grapes were pressed as quickly as possible and the juice was left to settle down. Primary fermentation took place, resulting in a base wine with a neutral flavor character, high acidity and just a moderate alcohol by volume, as in the case of champagne. The wine was stabilized and filtered and a proportion of liqueur de tirage was added to encourage the secondary fermentation. The wine was then closed with a crown cap and left to ferment and create the sparkle. The sparkling wine was left over a period of 19 months on the lees, in a process known as yeast autolysis.

Total Production: 15.000

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