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Ageri Semi Dry White Wine

Appellation: Protected Geographical Indication Cyclades
Type: Semi dry white wine
Grape Varieties: Assyrtiκo, Athiri, Aidani
Vinification: -
Aging: -
Characteristics: Ageri in Greek is the word for the light wind. Aiming to give the wine lovers the sensation of aegean fresh wind, the warm and shiny sky in combination with the SANTORINI volcano breeze, SantoWines has selected from Santorini vineyards the most aromatic grape varieties and vinificated them with joy and care. This is how Ageri was born, a white and rose semi dry wine with distinct character.
Santorini’s unique ecosystem gives us excellent local grape varieties like Assyrtico, Athiri, Aidani. Based on the wine making tradition of the island we created Meltemi, this white semi dry table wine of exceptional aroma and taste.
Its character, fresh, aromatic, restless but soft, gentle and nervous ... just like the wind!! It is a robust wine with full body, delicate aromatic character and long aftertaste.
Food and wine: It is served at 10 oC and goes with soft flavor dishes like fish, white meat, light cheese and fruit.

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