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The Trilogy of Santorini

Santorini agricultural products are unique in the world!


What makes the island of Santorini so unique is the special ecosystem, created by the continuous explosions of the local volcano and the lava that burned the rocks and made the land absorbing, porous and rich in porcelain. In this volcanic ecosystem, it is natural to expect products with unique characteristics to be produced: Assyrtiko grapes, Santorini Fava Beans and Santorini Τomatos.




Wine making in Santorini dates back thousands of years to the 3rd millenium B.C..

Assyrtiko is the most popular white grape variety, which thrives in its homeland, the volcanic land of Santorini. As a single variety or blended with the aromatic Athiri and the delicate Aidani gives the Protected Designation of Origin Santorini wines: Santorini Assyrtiko, Santorini Nykteri and Vinsanto the traditional dessert wine made from sun-dried grapes.


Santorini wines combine the high acidity with the intense minerality in the mouth. They are vibrant, full-bodied, with citrus fruits aromas. After ageing, they get more complex as the notes of oak, tea and honey are dominant.




" Santorini Fava” is a “Protected Designation of Origin” product that comes from the plant " Lathyrus Clymenum L." that grows exclusively in Santorini for more than 3,500 years. "Santorini Fava" has very high nutritional value as it is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. The traditional method of production which includes drying under the sun and aging, results its velvety texture and the slightly sweet taste



PDO SANTORINI TOMATO ( Tomataki Santorinis PDO)


Santorini tomato is one of a kind! Its size is small, sometimes no bigger than a cherry. Under its thick skin, it reveals a concentrated full body with sweet taste and intense aromas. Only Santorini Tomato, because of its particular characteristics, can give us tomato paste which is richer in lycopene and antioxidants compared to any other tomato paste.




Wild caper is a bush born in the volcanic soil and lava stones. We collect the berries and the leaves which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and have a unique spicy flavour!


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