Documentary Film

A short documentary with seductive storytelling and amazing photography, unravels the history of Santorini Volcanic vineyard from the past until today.

Duration: 13 minutes

“We are blessed to be born in this land.
A land that has made Santorini famous throughout the world.
The ancient caldera. The Aegean Sea. The blue-topped chapels and whitewashed houses perched on rocky cliffs.
Every corner in Santorini hides a new beginning.
You only need to visit it once to fall in love with it.
But you need to touch it, to feel it with all your senses to fully understand its magic.
It was born out of the lava of the volcano thousands of years ago.
History is bound to earth, passing from generation to generation.
The same as the vine… it is ingrained in its roots.
Santorini’s viniculture has an uninterrupted tradition that goes back 3,500 years.
… you should always remember…We have the vine to thank for everything.”

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