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A unique winery…

SantoWines modern winery was built in 1992 in the village of Pyrgos, in a wonderful location on the caldera. It is one of the state-of-the -art wineries in Greece, perfectly harmonized with the landscape uniqueness of the island. Its innovative architecture is remarkable, as it is built on different levels, just as the "terraces" of the vineyard. During the wine making process we utilize the physical phenomenon of gravity which replaces the use of pumps for the transfer of the must and wine which upgrades the quality of the wines produced.

Exceptional wines…

Assyrtiko is the dominant white grape variety, which thrives in its homeland, the volcanic land of Santorini. As a single variety or blended with the aromatic Athiri and the delicate Aidani, it gives the Protected Designation of Origin Santorini wines.
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