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Terms of Use

www.santowines.gr is the online store for exhibiting and distributing via the internet the products of the Greek private trading company ‘santowines.gr’, which is registered in Pirgos, Thira, in Greece. Before you enter our store and browse our website, you are invited to consult the following terms and conditions, which have been specifically drawn up for the use of the online store of santowines.gr, which is located at the address www.santowines.gr

Please ensure that you agree with the following terms and conditions, as further use and browsing of the aforementioned site www.santowines.gr implies your explicit and unconditional assent to and agreement with these terms.

1. Terms
santowines.gr reserves the right to unilaterally change or renew the present terms and conditions on trading which takes place through its online store. In accordance with its needs and trading values.

2. Information and products provided.
santowines.gr guarantees the quality, completeness and reliability of the information it displays on its website, www.santowines.gr, as regards the precise details on display and the services provided by our online store, except in the case of technical or printing errors which could not have been foreseen or have happened involuntarily or as the result of the interruption in functioning of the site by force majeure.

3. Limited liability
santowines.gr cannot be held responsible by the customer/user for any damage that may result from the processing or failure to process their orders.

It also accepts no liability for delivery dates in cases of force majeure. The online store www.santowines.gr can provide no guarantee as to the availability of products. The online store www.santowines.gr provides the contents (eg, information, names, photographs, descriptions, etc), the products and services provided through their website ‘as is’.

Under no circumstances does the online store belonging to santowines.gr bear any responsibility either for claims of a legal, civil or criminal nature, or for damages (incidental, specific or consequential, which may result in, but is not limited to, the discrete and/or cumulative loss of profit, data, earnings, financial satisfaction, etc) by visitors to the site or third parties which are related to the functioning or failure to function of the site and/or use of the site and/or failure to provide services and/or the information provided and/or possible unlawful interference by third parties with goods, services and information that may be provided.

4. Intellectual property rights
This website is the official online store of santowines.gr. All contents of this site, including pictures, graphics, photographs, plans, text, services and goods, are the intellectual property of santowines.gr are protected under the relevant statues of Greek law, European law and international agreements.

It is expressly forbidden to copy, record analogically or digitally, reproduce mechanically, transfer, download, alter in any way, resell, produce derivative work or mislead the public as regards the real provider of the content of this website. Any reproduction, republishing, loading, publishing, distribution or transmission, or any other use of the content for commercial or other purposes, is permissible only following written permission from santowines.gr or any other entity legally entitled to the aforementioned intellectual rights.

The names, images, logos and distinctive features representing santowines.gr and/or the online store www.santowines.gr and/or the products or services of third parties in partnership with them, are exclusively the trademarks and distinctive features of santowines.gr and or www.santowines.gr and/or the above mentioned third parties, and are protected by Greek, European and international laws regarding trademarks and industrial and intellectual property rights. Under no circumstances should their appearance and display on the www.santowines.gr website and the online store belonging to santowines.gr be interpreted as the transfer or granting of permission, or the right to their use.

5. Responsibilities of the user.
Users of the www.santowines.gr website agree that they will not use the santowines.gr website for the sending, publicising, sending by email or transmission by any other means of any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting, disturbing, slanderous, obscene, improper, libellous, constitutes a breach of another’s privacy, promotes hatred or expresses racial, nationalistic or other forms of discrimination, which may cause harm to minors in any way, transmission is forbidden of material forbidden by law, or contractual or proprietary arrangements (such as internal information, proprietorial or confidential information which was received or discovered as part of a working relationship or which is covered by confidentiality clauses), breaks whatever patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual copyright, or other propietorial third party rights, contains computer virus programmes, or whatever other code, files or programmes which have been designed to interrupt, cause damage, destroy, either the equipment of whatever software or computer hardware, breaks, either intentionally or unintentionally current Greek and European Union law and its articles, might possibly harass third parties in any way, and any content which collects and stores personal data in relation to other users

6. Safety
santowines.gr recognises the importance of the issue of the safety of your personal data and your electronic trade and takes all necessary steps with the most modern and advanced methods to ensure your safety to the greatest degree. All details related to your personal information and your transactions are safe and secret. The safety of santowines.gr online store is achieved by the following methods:

There are two codes used to recognise a client: the entry code (email or username) and the personal secret code (password), which ensure the safety of your personal information every time you enter them.

You are able to change your personal secret code (password) as often as you like. The only individual who has access to your details is you, through the aforementioned codes, and you are solely responsible for keeping them secret from third parties. In case they are lost or leaked, you must inform us immediately, otherwise santowines.gr’s online store can accept no responsibility for the use of your secret codes by an unauthorised individual. For security reasons, we advise you to change your password regularly and avoid the use of the same, or easily guessable codes (such as birthdays).

Under no circumstances and in no way will santowines.gr online store reveal or publicise your personal data and information which you have entrusted to us. The personal details which you give during subscription are used exclusively to enable your transactions. All information is encrypted and stored with the highest security.

7. Protection of personal data
During your visit to the pages of the www.santowines.gr website in order to order products, but also in order for us to communicate with you in order to inform you about our new products, it is likely that you will be asked to give information about yourself (name, profession, email address, date of birth, etc). Any personal information you give on any of the webpages and to any of the services of the www.santowines.gr website, are only used to ensure the functioning of the relevant service and are not allowed to be used by any third party, without compliance with the articles of law 2472/97 in relation to the protection from processing of personal data, as this is enforced each time.

The online store www.santowines.gr is run in accordance with current Greek and European Union law and keeps your data secure for as long as you subscribe to one of www.santowines.gr services, and which is deleted following whatever end of the trading relationship. The personal data which you give to the www.santowines.gr online store is used exclusively by it or its partner companies to support, promote and execute the trading relationship.

Details held on file may be made available to authorised judicial, police and other administrative authorities following lawful application in accordance with current legislation in each instance. In accordance with legislation regarding the privacy of telecommunications, the customer has the right to be informed and object as covered in articles 11 to 13 of law 2472/1997.

8. Buying products
santowines.gr makes every effort to maintain service of the highest standard, but despite this it bears no responsibility for possible mistakes in prices and descriptions of products and cannot guarantee that there will be no interruption of the functioning of the website, or ‘human errors’ during the updating or recording of the price of a product. For the safety and efficiency of your orders, we ask that if you see any product at an unusually low or high price in comparison to usual market prices, you call us on +302286028058 before submitting your order.

9. Cancelling an order
It is possible to cancel an order under the following circumstances:

If you have submitted your order electronically, but the order has not yet been sent, you may call +302286031322 and one of our operators will undertake the cancelling of your order.

10. Methods of Payment
santowines.gr on line store accepts payment by Visa and Mastercard or paypal

In all cases the large number of visitors to our site each date the way our online store functions guarantees the safety of your transaction. In order to buy using your credit card, follow the instructions on our online store. You will be requested to fill in an order form and give the number and expiry date of your card.

11. Booking Online your Visit
In case of cancellation after 48 hours before the date of arrival the amount is non-refundable.

1. The above deadlines are not in force during times of violent weather, or strikes and any other case of force majeure, which may affect delivery times.


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