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Santo Taste – Traditional Santorini Food Products

Spread with Santorini Tomato Paste, Honey, Mastic Oil and Ginger

Spread with Santorini tomato paste, honey, mastic oil and ginger
Weight: 150 gr
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Spread with Santorini tomato paste, honey, mastic oil and ginger

Without preservatives –Ready to serve

Ingredients: Santorini tomato paste double concentrated, honey, extra virgin olive oil, mastic oil and ginger

Highlight: We used...

  • Greek olive oil for extra velvet texture and intense taste
  • Greek honey for more elegant sweetness and richer texture
  • Mastic oil for a more complex aromatic bouquet
  • Ginger for a spicy taste and long aftertaste

Serving suggestions:

  • Ideal to accompany cheese platters
  • Spread for toasted bread, crackers, sandwiches
  • Base of tomato sauce for paste or pizza
  • Spread on red /white meat that will be cooked in the oven

Packaging: Glass vase 150 gr
Exp. date: 2 years after packaging

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