Santorini Vinsanto
20 Years Ageing

Appellation: Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Santorini
Type: Natural sweet wine from sun dried grapes
Varieties: Assyrtiko 85% & Aidani 15%
90,00 €

Vintage 2002 - Bottling 2023
A fine dessert wine from the sun-dried grapes Assyrtiko and Aidani of Santorini. The long ageing gave us a complex bouquet with aromas of quince and orange sweet preserve, coffee, raisins and herbs. A unique dessert wine with excellent structure and long aftertaste. Best serve at 8oC. Great ageing potential. Any sediment existing in the bottle is a normal effect of the ageing process.

Technical info
Alcohol by volume (%) 10.6
Total acidity (gr tartaric acid/lt) 8.8
Residual sugars (gr/lt) 273
pH 3.03

The vineyard
Location: Thirassia and Santorini
Altitude: Up to 400 meters 
Age of vines: 60-80 years 
Pruning method: “Kouloura” (basket-shaped) 
Planting density: 2000-2300 vines/ha 
Yield/ha: 3000 kg

Harvest: third week of August 
Sun drying for 8-10 days
40 days slow fermentation
Maturation in 225lt oak barrels of 4th and 5th fill

Santorini PDO

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