Santo Sparkling Wine Brut

The famous Assyrtiko from Santorini vineyard makes its world premiere as a sparkling wine . The SANTO SPARKLING WINE BRUT MÉTHODE TRADITIONNELLE opens a new page for Santorini vineyard highlighting the innovation and the continuous investment of SantoWines both in enological level and in terms of entrepreneurship and marketing.

As the President of SantoWines, Mr.Markos Kafouros is stating "the SANTO SPARKLING demonstrates in the most strategic way the versatile nature of Assyrtiko, creates new market opportunities internationally and dynamically enhances the brand name "Santorini ". As a sparkling wine this “premium” variety, acquires an “ultra premium” dimension. "

The first sparkling wine made from Santorini Assyrtiko is the result of the strategic planning to inspire the next step in the vineyard of Santorini in the international wine map. With respect to the local wine heritage and business innovation, SANTO SPARKLING incorporates the highest standards. The vinification is made by the traditional Champagne method, and is launched in an elegant contemporary packaging. The output is in a limited number of production.

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