Santo Wines: The new SANTORINI look

An impressive new look for the SANTORINI wine family is introduced by Santo Wines. The new brand is the ideal storyteller of the island’s uniqueness, its breathtaking natural beauty, history and amazing wine making tradition; this experience harmoniously combines the worldwide awareness and potential of the SANTORINI ASSYRTIKO and NYKTERI PDO wines.

Inspired by the individuality of the island and its terroir, the new Santo Wines SANTORINI look narrates all those special characteristics, as the trademark pair of the blue sea and the minerality, the contrast of the volcanic grey metallic soil and the green vine. The design and all the elements of the packaging (bottle, color of the glass, label, capsule, printing techniques) live to tell that unprecedented story and share the Santorini experience via a powerful look worthy to an international brand.


The back labels of SANTORINI ASSYRTIKO and NYKTERI embody also the basic information of the wines in Braille system.


Santo Wines SANTORINI new look:

Creative concept: EZI STUDIOS, CANADA

Implementation / adaptations: salt&pepper, GREECE


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