The new brand "SANTORINI" of Santo Wines in New York!!

New York.

The new brand «SANTORINI» of Santo Wines made its international debut in New York, to a highly qualified audience of professionals, journalists and wine lovers.

The new image of PDO wines of the Cooperative stole the limelight as it strategically combines the uniqueness of Santorini and the individual characteristics of the vineyard with a dynamic, cosmopolitan image of a globally respected brand name.

The new SANTORINI ASSYRTIKO and SANTORINI NYKTERI of Santo Wines were presented in a number of selected events reaching targeted audience in New York.

Tuesday, April 16: Wine presentation and tasting event for wine lovers at the cellar MASLOW 6 in Tribecca and a sommelier party for professionals at Salvation Taco, one of the most famous Mexican restaurants in New York. More than 100 sommeliers, Beverage Directors and Chefs of top restaurants in Manhattan had the opportunity to experience the wines of Santorini, their top quality characteristics and the versatile character which leads to a wide range of types and styles of wines, fresh and aged.

The highlight of the evening was the table tennis tournament between New Yorkers sommeliers and Santorini winemakers. The motivation slogan was "Beat the Winemaker", and the prize for the winner was a five-day vacation package in Santorini, courtesy of the Hotel Association of Santorini.

Wednesday, April 17: Santorini wine tasting event for leading journalists and opinion leaders of the wine market in New York, hosted at Restaurant Molyvos.

The event was dedicated to the “Year of Gastronomy” in Santorini. The distinguished guests had the opportunity to sample wines from 10 Santorini wineries and enjoy creative dishes by Mr George Hatziyannakis , chef and owner of Selene restaurant, Nikos Boukis chef of Selene restaurant and Jim Botsakos, Executive Chef of Molyvos. It was an inspirational menu made with authentic products of the island, such as fava beans and cherry tomatoes with a creative touch, in harmony with the wines of Santorini vineyard.

The President of SantoWines, and Chairman of EDOAO ( National Inter-professional organisation of wine and vine of Greece) Mr.Markos Kafouros in his short welcome, highlighted the growing momentum of PDO wines of Santorini and their high potential in the U.S. market and internationally.

Among the guests: Kim Markus, Editor of Wine Spectator, Joshua Green and Tara Thomas, Publisher and Editor respectively of Wine & Spirits, Susan Konstreva, Executive Editor of Wine Enthusiast, Christina Grdobick, Editor of Food and Wine, and the Michael Weiss , Director of the Culinary Institute of America.


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