Hotel Grand Bretagne - Santorini Land Trilogy

Assyrtiko, fava beans, cherry tomatoes - the Santorini Land Trilogy' in Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens

The promotion of three key products of the island and their contribution to the establishment of the island as "Gourmet Destination 'was the goal of a successful event entitled "Assyrtiko, fava beans, cherry tomatoes, the Trilogy of Santorini Land." organized by the Association Cooperative Theraic Products on May 5 in Athens.

The trilogy of Santorini Land, ie Assyrtiko, fava and tomatoes, were on the "highlight", as the speakers of the event explained the uniqueness, quality and their role both for tourist promotion and for the island's economy. A special presentation was the fava island due to the recent recognition as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Speakers at the event were the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SantoWines Mr. Kafouros Markos, the professor of Agricultural University, Mr. S. Haroutounian, who was also the author of the file for recognition as a product of fava PDO and Mr Elias Mamalakis who "traveled" the attendees with his own special way to the flavors of the island.

"Santorini is its products and its people who grow," was the central message of the event and everyone is invited to visit Santorini island to learn and taste its unique agricultural products and its local gastronomy.

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