The Vedema Celebration Day at Santowines Winery

A brilliant event dedicated by SantoWines to all Santorini vine growers

As every year, the Vedema Celebration Day organized by the SantoWines, the Union of Cooperative Cooperatives was held on July 28 at its winery in Pyrgos, marking the start of the harvest on the island. Vedema, is the local word for “harvest”. It is a symbolic celebration in honor of Santorini's farmers who with hard work and dedication, preserve the volcanic Santorini Vineyard.

Farmers - members of the Union, locals and visitors of the island attended and  shared the festive spirit of the event. Also present were the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mr. Vroutsis, the Mayor of Thira, Mr. Zorzos and the members of the General Board of Directors of Santowines.

In his keynote speech, the President of the Union, Mr. Markos Kafouros, regarding the dramatic change in the island's landspace which has intensified in recent years, he stressed: "There is a pressing need for Santorini protection measures, oriented towards sustainable development that will respect the environment and humans, the residents and visitors."

The highlight of the event was the awards the Union gave to two persons, for each one’s significant contribution to Santorini. Mr. Christoforos Asimis was honored as a distinguished painter, inspiring us all with his work, for his contribution to Art, Culture and to the local community. Mr.  Nikolaos Damigos, was also awarded as a leader in tourism services and for his support over the years to the Union.

The feast of Vedema continued with a program that included the representation of the traditional harvest, where donkeys, faithful co-workers of the farmers, carried the grapes to the winery and then many young children enthusiastically pressed the grapes, stepping on them with their feet. 

The audience enjoyed the wine and local delicacies offered while traditional music from local bands and dancing enriched this year’s celebration.

SantoWines wishes to all its members to have good harvest with excellent wines and to everyone to be healthy, happy and creative!

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