Vocational education trip

A special vocational education and training trip took place a few weeks ago, during which we visited the wine regions of Porto, Douro Valley, Madeira, Lisbon, Colares, Setubal and Minho in Portugal!

Τhe attendees were members of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly of the Cooperative, executives of the Union and representatives of Thira Province, vinegrowers, but also key partners in the wine tourism and merchandising of our wines!

Our purpose was to discover the Unesco World Heritage sites of heroic viticulture, the wines, history, gastronomy and culture of the country, but above all to familiarize ourselves with its successful approach to wine tourism. We examined closely the services, experiences, processes, learning from their best practices, in order to adopt elements that could be applied to our hospitality model!

Progress, evolution and innovation are in our nature, with Wine Tourism being an integral part of Santorini's DNA.

By constantly raising the bar, we wish to offer a 360° experience to our guests. Our vision is to establish Santo Wines as a role model and leader in the wine tourism sector, and at the same time to keep supporting the sustainable growth of the local economy.

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