Harvest Report 2018

This year's harvest in Santorini was the earliest at all times. It started ten days earlier compared to the decade’s average. The lack of rain, mainly in spring, increased the precocity and caused slight stress on the plants.

The grape maturation led to the following harvest calendar:

Date | Variety (type)

  • 20 July | Assyrtiko (white). For the sparkling wine from plots in Pyrgos village  
  • 23 July | Athiri (white)
  • 25 July | Assyrtiko (white)
  • 26 July | Mavrotragano and Voudomato (red)
  • 29 July | Mandilaria (red). For the sparkling rose from plots in Fira village
  • 9 August | Aidani (white)
  • 10 August | Mandilaria (red)

 All varieties from all the plots were handpicked and received at our winery by 17 August.Weather conditions during the year:Winter: Mild with few rainfalls. From September 2017 to July 2018, the total rain amount reached 155 mm (in comparison to 249 mm for the same period in 2016).

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